Moonshot · ESG

Evaluate Enterprise ESG Risk and Opportunities through AI Technology and Alternative Data Analysis

Combined traditional data and alternative data, AI technology could identify investment risks and opportunities from analysing unstructured data, build enterprise knowledge graph, evaluate enterprise sustainability, and provide real-time, independent and effective ESG scores and index

Satellite Data

Mootshot ESG harness computer vision technology to analyze massive satellite imageries, which helps investment analysts to monitor environmental impact from each enterprise efficiently and independently

Real Time Public Sentiment

Track ESG related public sentiment and news, incorporate with NLP and knowledge graph technology, demonstrate each enterprise's ESG performance in a real time base

Knowledge Graph

Moonshot ESG leverages the knowledge graph to analyse the correlated risk between affiliated enterprises, which provided ESG event probability, correlation fluctuation analysis, and early warning of ESG events to investors

Moonshot ESG effectively separate the alpha quality and correlation: it separates the constituent stocks of CSI300 based on the very owned ESG score, which the return of portfolios with higher ESG scores outperforms CSI300

Moonshot ESG helps investors identify and quantify ESG exposure in their portfolios, enables investors to allocate assets to obtain sustainable alpha

ESG Product Introduction

ESG Rating

Based on massive alternative data and material ESG issues, harness AI to produce real-time independent ESG scores and rating. Assist investors to discover insights of ESG risk and opportunities

ESG Indices

For various requirements and strategies of responsible investors, establish alternative data based ESG indices. Provide investors to benchmark and compare

ESG Screening

Relied on alternative data based ESG rating and analysis, assist investors to recognize and exclude the securities with high ESG risks

ESG Analytics

Provide comprehensive ESG integrated portfolio analytics toolkit to assist investors manage ESG risk in portfolios and attribute alpha to ESG exposures